Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i spoke with my registrar of deeds...

its amazing the amount of nonsense one must go through to get a question answered in this state. i called my registrar. the personal was pleasant and as helpful they could be. the problem i have is this, i asked what my registry was doing in response to john obriens audit of his registry over in souther essex county. i was blown away by the answer, and i have to laugh. they are doing nothing. i was told they are on alert, but they cant reject any rec ordings even if they suspect it is fraudulent.

these are the questions i asked:

 what do you do if you suspect that documents being presented to you are fraudulent or who do you report it too?
heres nothing we can legally do, we accept them for recording

who do i report it to? i know there are fraudulent docuemtns in my chain of title.

have you called the attorney general?

yes i have called the attorney general and they will do nothing.

 have you called h.o.p.e. for homeowners?

yes but i am not looking for a modification, i am looking to pursue the fraud in my chain of title.

have you called the land court?

yes, but they cant do anything.

have you consulted an attorney?

yes i have consulted an attorney but right now i cant afford one. so i am trying to get my government to do its job and protect its citizens from fraud.

i am looking at your title and yes you are right, there are several major gaps in your chain of title and also parties claiming things that are not reflected in your chain.

i know this, there are several fraudulent documents in my chain fo title and i am askig if there is anything you can do to help with that?

have you called the attorney general since john obrien started bringing attention to this?

yes i have, they said they cant do anything.

and youve consulted a private attorney?

yess!!! geez.

im sorry sir but i cant do anything, all i can do is accept what is given to us as accurate and record the documents. you need to consult an attorney about this.


so here i haqve another government agency basicly telling me that fraud is okay when the banks do it. there are no measures in place to stop it, even after all of this has come to light.

the people who should be protecting us from this bullshit are still sitting on their hands with their head turned hoping it all goes away. this is disgusting.

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