Tuesday, July 12, 2011

orlans and moran robo-signing? say it isnt so!


i have been saying this all along. we'll call it an allegation, but i have a funny feeling this is gonna go much deeper now that the lid is off. i have documents signed by a sarah hargrove who purports to be an assistant vice presidnet of mers, but she really works for orlans and moran in their troy michigan office. orlans has people like ms hargrove create assignments from miss hargrove acting in her mers capacity to their clients, and voila, orlans clients have standing to foreclose by virtue of that assignment. they even have in house notaries who sign off on the docs as well.  its a total scam and if it isnt illegal it should be. imagine a world where attorneys were allowed to have backroom employees manufacture any evidence they need for the benefit of their clients.. its bullshit it what it is. its the same as me having an acquaintance sign off on a discharge of mortgage and claiming its valid. it would never stand up in a court of law, and neither should these bogus assignments or docs manufactured in their back room.


  1. There is a case in Suffolk Superior Court that claims just that - fraudulent and/or robosigned assignments and other documents recorded by Caleb J. Shureb and other Attorney's working for Orlans Moran. See case docket SUCV2011-04015.

    1. i too am in this same situation with orlans. is it a class action?

    2. I don't understand why this Law Firm is still in Business they are so corrupt, the Lawyers or so called lawyers have no idea what they are doing. Investigate this firm, close the doors, FRAUDULENT MORONS.

  2. Orland/Moran illegally Foreclosed on my house along with my Bankruptcy Lawyer Atty Richard Gottlieb Boston Ma, I lost 55,000.00 because of these IDIOTS I have dealt with plus all the fees from Gottlieb he has charged me, but according to Atty Gottlieb it was the Federal Court's mistake, NOT-- your mistake Atty Gottlieb. DO NOT HRE THIS LAWYER OR YOU WILL LOSE MONEY.